Facts Or Dare Rubdown : Riley Reyes and Judy Jolie and Scarlett Johnson

3 teenage dolls, Riley Reyes, Scarlett Johnson, and Judy Jolie, are experiencing a playful pillow fight in their particular underwear, giggling and taking pleasure in themselves! It really is all happiness and games inbetween the girlfriends, but a truce is known as when they’re exhausted. Because they lodge, Riley suggests that they perform a casino game of reality or perhaps Dare since that’s constantly a party classic.

The 3 friends warm each other up by providing both easier facts and dares centered around their particular crushes on boys! Judy admits at appreciating a other named Alan although Scarlett are dared to really deliver the text to the lady crush known as Michael. After that Judy ups the ante if you take the bare-chested image of herself and publishing it at this lady social media marketing, thanks to the dare simply by Riley!

provided exactly how jaw-dropping their particular facts and dares are becoming, Riley and Scarlett were both amazed when Judy simply dares Riley to give the lady a massage. Because itis a super easy dare, Riley sidles up behind the girl buddy and commences rubbing the lady shoulders and back once again! Judy melts into the touch, almost in the trance. Watching how involved with it they have been, Scarlett laments that she is jealous — she is the birthday celebration doll, so where’s HER rubdown?

Riley and Judy playfully concur, teaming as much as give Scarlett a sensual massage! Scarlett’s undoubtedly into it, even while they converts most personal! They senses so fine to own the girl company’ delicate hands throughout her bod, notably her pointy udders. When Riley shows offering this lady the happy finishing as a unique bday gifts, Scarlett doesn’t think twice to open up the woman gams wide-open, exhibiting that the girl taut cootchie try prepared! The woman pals after that happily plunge in, providing her the greatest birthday introduce ever before!